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#NeedMilkMoney! program launched.

September 14, 2021

EDMONTON, AB – Cashco Financial is proud to announce the launch of #NeedMilkMoney! This new feature of our membership program, The Village by Cashco, is here for our members when they need a little extra cash to make it to payday.

Members of The Village can borrow up to $50 without any fees or interest (meaning they borrow the funds for free). Our ask is that they pay us back on their next payday or when they can, with no penalty for late payments.

“This is our way of supporting the families in the communities we serve. #NeedMilkMoney is a direct part of our environmental, social, and governance programs and we believe it’s key to making a positive impact. We want to do right by Canadians.” — Lindsay Dodd, CEO

#NeedMilkMoney operates on trust and faith that our members will repay us when they can. We believe that this one-of-a-kind offer is the right thing to do for our people.

About Cashco:

With 28% of Canadians living without access to traditional banking institutions, Cashco knows we need to offer financial tools and services that make life easier for the 2,000,000 underbanked Canadians who can’t rely on the big banks to help them.

We provide our clients with long- and short-term personal loans as well as cheque cashing services. We are here to service our clients in over 50 branches across Canada and an innovative online department to provide support remotely.

In Alberta, we can cater to our clients with banking products that have been right-sized for our client base. That means potential for no fees and matched savings. In 2020, we contributed over $20,000 to our clients’ savings through our Jumpstart Savings Account and our Mom Match Savings Account.

We understand the importance of environmental, social, and governance responsibility. Our team is dedicated to constant and never-ending improvement to do the best we can by our communities and the people who live in them. That’s why we align all of our targets and goals to at least one of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals. We want to be a part of their mission for no poverty, quality education, decent work & economic growth, and reduced inequalities.

Our team strives to go beyond helping with financial products. We also offer tools to assist each client with their unique household finances through budgeting and increasing their working knowledge of financial literacy.

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