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Looking for a better alternative to payday loans in Saskatoon? Then look no further than Cashco Loans, the fast cash lender.

Saskatoon is an incredible vibrant and growing city with tons of potential for the future. Now we have a total of three locations that offer fast personal loans to put instant cash in your pocket when you need it.

We serve the underbanked and underserved by providing accessible personal loans. Our purpose is to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow and we do our very best to find a way to say yes when you need fast loans and quick cash in Saskatoon.

Getting fast cash personal loans is simple. All you need is a verifiable source of income, a chequing account, and an official photo ID.

Our managers and associates are all local people who know the community, know their clients, and know the business.

We are different from all the other loan stores. For example, we conduct our business sitting at desk with you, not from behind a wall of bullet-proof glass. We believe in building relationships and treating each of our valued clients as individuals. We feel the same about the communities in which we operate so we want to give back. To do that, we allow each of our employees up to 40 hours of paid time to volunteer in their communities and neighbourhoods as part of our Cashco Cares program.