Why Loan Protection Plans are Vital






If you’re like most Canadians, you play the “what if” game when you’re trying to fall asleep or washing your hair in the shower. When we find the people we love beyond measure, we start letting scary thoughts creep in, like “what would happen to them if something happened to me?”

In the midst of these contemplative moments, consider how ensuring financial security could provide peace of mind. Much like the strategic bets you might make in ice casino, securing a reliable financial plan is akin to placing calculated wagers on life’s uncertainties.

Keep Scary Thoughts Away

We’re going to say this plain & simple: If you’re getting an instalment loan, you should also get insurance. Period. Often a Loan Protection Plan is optional when you’re signing up for an instalment loan, but to be honest, we at Cashco are NOT big fans of it being optional.

Life happens. We all know that. However, sometimes it seems like we forget that life happens when it comes to protecting ourselves.

We get it, when the cashier at Walmart asks us if we want to purchase additional insurance coverage for a $5 Blu-ray disc, we dismiss them with a polite smile. But when it comes to big-ticket items, like a loan, we really should be doing everything we can to make sure we’re covered for if—and when—the unexpected happens.

Why a Loan Protection Plan

If you have a loan with us, we highly recommend you pick up the phone and ask us about our Loan Protection Plans (or LPP for short).

LPP gives you, our client, one less thing to worry about in case of:

     ✓ Accidents & illness

     ✓ Involuntary unemployment

     ✓ Critical illness

     ✓ Death

Seriously. It’s Worth It.

In the past 12 months, our Loan Protection Plans have covered almost $2 MILLION of loan payments for our clients! LPP is there for you when you have bigger things to worry about than your loan payment.

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