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Cashco understands that empowered employees are the driving force behind any successful company. To that end, we encourage and provide the tools for all Cashco employees to stay engaged and focused and to present suggestions that will help us move forward. If you think you have a good idea don’t hold back we want to hear from you.

We also understand that, in order to flourish and grow, employees must also feel safe and secure in their working environment. We want you to feel good about coming to work and secure in the knowledge that you will never be expected to put up with poor treatment or support unethical behavior either by management or fellow employees.

If you experience problematic issues with management, staff, or customers, or if you are aware of any illegal or unethical violations in the work place, we need to hear about that too. That is why we have the SAFELINK program.*

SAFELINK is a safe way for you to confidentially report issues that you feel you can not comfortably discuss with your immediate supervisor.

The SAFELINK e-mail or phone line will put you in direct contact with the CEO of the company, Lindsay Dodd. Every reported incident or issue will be investigated and every contact will be held in strict confidence. You can be assured that there will be no recrimination against anyone using SAFELINK. Your job is safe.

What kinds of issues might you report?

  • Theft and fraud
  • Financial controls and Audit matters
  • Harassment
  • Workplace Violence
  • Ethics Violations
  • Violation of Policy/Regulatory issues
  • Safety/Security Concerns
  • Proprietary Information Release/Theft
  • Substance Abuse

SAFELINK is another example of how we strive to live our values. This is your company and your workplace. Consider SAFELINK –¬†another tool to help us achieve our vision.

* Anonymous contacts will not be investigated.