The Village by Cashco: A Community of Support and Opportunity

A membership program offering you features and benefits that work together to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow.

Rent is one of those things you cannot afford to slip on, especially in times like these. That’s why we have a monthly HandUp giveaway. One lucky member is awarded $500 go towards their next rent payment. But that’s not all… We want to reach out into your direct community and match that $500 to someone you know in need of a HandUp.

Sandy Sharpe is our $500 rent recipient for the month of November. He came into our Bonnyville branch to talk to our associate, Shirley, about who he wanted to give the matched Pay It Forward. Shirley told him to relax and take his time while thinking of the perfect person. Sandy chose one of his friends, and he gave him a call right there in the branch! His friend answered and told them that is wonderful, however, their mutual friend, Mark, was struggling to get by and might need it more than he would. Sandy agreed, and got Mark on the phone, and told him the good news! Mark was so grateful that his two friends had thought of him.

“I knew Mark needed this more than me.”

Good people are still out in the world, and when given the chance they will come together to support those around them.

Sign up for The Village today, and be a part of opportunities to share the good.