10 Budget-Friendly Activities for a Long Weekend


Enjoy this long weekend without breaking the bank!  

Whether you’re spending it outside with friends, or indoors with your family, long weekends are the mini holidays we all look forward to. At Cashco, we know spending money on yourself or doing fun things with the family isn’t always in the budget, so here are our top 10 budget-friendly things you can do this long weekend!  


1. Go for a local hike

Hit the trails this weekend in your own community! Whether you live in a busy metropolis, or a quiet farm town, every city has sights to see – so get out and see them. Find a trail that suits your preference, like one that’s extra-long or one that’s short and steep. Perfect for kids and pets, a hike is a great way to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors!  

You can even plan your route to include your favourite café or ice cream shop and treat yourself to a small reward along the way.  

Pro tip: Dress in layers to account for sudden weather changes, and make sure to pack extra snacks and water! 


2. Have a game night!

You can never go wrong with

a family game night! Take turns choosing a board game and play all night long. From classic card games to Monopoly and charades, games offer a little fun for everyone. Plus, who doesn’t love a healthy competition?  

Choose from games you already own, borrow from a friend, or search for free games online. It’s that easy! 


3. Movie marathon/series binge

A long weekend is the perfect time to relax and crush a marathon of your best-loved movies. Get cozy on the couch with your favourite people – and your favourite snacks. Take turns choosing movies or agree one saga to watch in its entirety!  

Here are some family-friendly classics for everyone to enjoy:  

  • Harry Potter 
  • Star Wars  
  • Back to the Future  
  • Toy Story 

Not a fan of movies? You can use this time to get caught up on that TV show you’ve been dying to finish! 


4. Backyard camping getaway

If the weather is calling for sunshine, pitch a tent in your very own backyard for a fun way to kickoff camping season. This is also the perfect time to take a break from technology! Pretend you’re in the wilderness and challenge yourself to leave the phone indoors for the evening. You can even have a campfire and roast marshmallows!  

The best part? You’ll never be too far from the bathroom! 😉  

5. Tie dye party!

Hit up the local dollar store and buy a tie dye kit! This super-low-cost activity is fun for all ages! All you need is a white clothing item you already own, your kit, and some creativity. Test out crazy colour combinations or stick to what you know. You can even search up different techniques to learn how to achieve beautiful patterns or come up with something original. Do this activity outdoors to make cleanup easy! 

Did you know custom tie dye shirts also make the perfect homemade gift for a loved one?  

6. Read a book

When we think long weekend, we think RELAX! What better way to relax than to settle in with your favourite book? Choose from novels, comics, biographies, and more. Reading is a great way to reset and refresh your mind, plus it helps improve your ability to focus.  

Did you know you can check books out of your local library for free? A library card gives you access to hundreds of free books and e-books, perfect for all ages! Plus, you can often find very low-cost books at secondhand stores and garage sales.  

Reading doesn’t have to be boring! Find a book about something you love like your favourite band, or a how-to book on something you’ve been wanting to learn.  No matter what you read, your brain will thank you!  


7. Enjoy breakfast in bed!

The most important meal of the day, right? Why not make it for you or someone you love? The long weekend is the perfect opportunity to have an extra lie in and enjoy a delicious meal in your coziest spot. Keep it simple with toast and fresh fruit, or go all out with eggs, bacon, and pancakes! No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.  

Pro tip: Use a TV tray to keep the mess to a minimum. If you don’t have a TV tray, put a baking sheet on your lap for a sturdy base to avoid spills.  


8. go on a picnic

Pack up a few of your favourite snacks and get your friends together for a picnic in the park. All you need is a blanket to sit on, a refreshing beverage, and a tasty meal. You can even make it a potluck! Have each person bring a dish to share with the group and enjoy trying each other’s recipes – homemade or store bought, we won’t judge!  

Make sure to clean up all your garbage and don’t leave any litter in your local parks!  


9. host a paint night at home!

You don’t have to be a Van Gogh or Picasso to enjoy a paint night! This activity is great for all ages and skill levels.  

Have fun choosing a theme or image to replicate – you can go with something a little more challenging or you can pick one that’s fun and easy. If you need some help getting started, you can find a ton of free paint night tutorials online, and all other supplies can be found at the dollar store.  

Get those creative juices flowing this long weekend!  


10. try a new recipe

With an extra day in the weekend, you’ll have time to try that recipe you’ve been thinking about. Maybe it’s a family classic, or maybe you’re trying to remake a delicious dish you saw online? Why not use this time to practice your kitchen skills and indulge in your results? If you need some inspiration, search budget-friendly recipes online!            

Whatever you decide to whip up, make sure to share it with friends and family (or don’t, we won’t tell!) 

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