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Yup! There’s money out there. So let’s get to it. WkiHOW offers a comprehensive list of available Canadian grants in four categories:

  • Going to school
  • Getting a new job
  • Running a business
  • Career development

So here is a review.

There’s more money available than you think. Check out WikiHOW

  1. Student financial assistance. This section walks you through the process of applying for student loans including loans for students from low-income families. The only restriction is that the grant specified is not available in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut or Quebec, which have support part-time studies as well as students with disabilities.
  2. Going to school. These grants apply specifically to international study. So, if you have a student in your family who wants to study in places like China, India, Mexico, Korea or Brazil, this is your destination.
  3. Getting a new job. With an ever-increasing demand for trades, the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant helps get individuals started. The subsequent  Apprenticeship Completion helps those who have completed their courses take the next step to find a job. If you are between the ages 55 and 64, and unemployed, there is a Procure Employment Assistance for Older Workers grant and is applicable in communities with less than 250,000 people.
  4. Running a business. Although these grants are specifically for employers, it does allow for training of new or existing employees. So if you are employed and need training, maybe you should bring this to your boss’s attention.

Are you employed and need training? Tell your boss about Canada Job Grants.

  • Finding a career. The Career Focus Program gives employers the opportunity to develop programs and services for young people from 15 to 30 years of age, which will both enhance their skills as well as help them make informed career choices.

Have you heard of a grant for well anything? Improving your home’s energy efficiency? Helping families dealing with disabilities? Share it with us. Contact us. 


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