Cashco’s Commitment to You: Exploring Our Pathway Report





Have you ever wondered how a company is looking out for you? Questioned whether they have your best interest at heart? With Cashco, you don’t need to be in doubt a second longer.

We’ve published our first-ever Pathway to Using Business as a Force for Good report (Pathway Report). This report is all about our clients and our constant strides to be better for them.

What You’ll Find

Our Pathway Report is designed to help you understand how Cashco aligns our business strategy with our overall purpose to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow!

This Pathway Report will keep us more accountable to you in several ways. Our Report Card tells you the 18 goals we’ve committed to achieve and the progress we’re making. Something special about this table is that it’s divided into four drivers that we identified as important to our clients and employees! These four important drivers are: Financial, Consumer, Human, and Societal. This table gives us the opportunity to tell you about the hurdles we face while working towards our goals and how we plan to overcome them.

We’ll also talk about the responsibility we have to our employees and what it means to be a Cashconian (hint: we live by our 5 Core Values). At Cashco, 94% of Cashco employees believe their work has special meaning, and they couldn’t be more right. Visit our career page if you’re interested in applying to become a part of a team that makes a difference.

A major part of being a responsible employer is prioritizing diversity, equality, and inclusion within our four walls. Cashco is committed to a workplace where our people feel safe from discrimination in all its forms. We want every day with us to be a day that they can be themselves, and that’s why we’re honoured that 88% of Cashconians feel like the can be themselves at work. We look forward to the day when that number is 100%.

Our people are the reason we’re the lender of choice for many who identify as “underbanked.” For you to understand what that term means, we’ll paint the picture of what it means to be an underbanked person in Canada and what poverty looks like in our country. We’ll tell you about the 27,500+ Canadians who trust us to help them with their finances.

Read Our Pathway Report!

There’s no better way to find out what’s inside than reading for yourself! Read our report by clicking here. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.