Personal Loans

for people with no or bad credit. Borrow up to $7,000 for 60 months.

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Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit

Boost your credit rating and consolidate debt with a personal loan.

Personal Loans made just for you from Cashco Financial

Personal loans account for the majority of loans currently held by Canadians. However, in most cases, qualifying for a personal loan requires a person to have a higher credit score. Cashco Financial works with our clients to find the right personal loan and tailor it to meet their long-term goals and needs. Each on-time payment is directly reported to the Credit Bureau of Canada, which means your credit score will steadily improve with every installment. Specializing in working with clients with bad credit or no credit, Cashco’s experts work with any Canadian who struggles with their personal finances, cash shortfalls, and bad credit scores.

At Cashco, our purpose is to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow—that’s why we offer our clients access to long-term and flexible installment loans when they need them the most.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 adult Canadians is underbanked. Big banks and credit unions have denied them access to financial services. They are turned away, unable to access emergency funds, consumer credit, insurance, and services that can help them plan for a financially secure future.

Cashco Financial Flex Loans

Cashco Financial Flex Loans are long-term personal loans that offer clients financing up to $7,000, repayable over 60 months for large purchases, to get out of a financial shortfall, or even to consolidate debt. No matter your financial goals, a Flex Loan is a sustainable solution to get you more money to pay the bills.

Auto loans, furniture store “do not pay for 18 months” promotions and even mortgages are right around the corner from a Cashco Financial personal loan.

Cashco Financial has over 50 locations across Canada, including Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. No matter where you are, Cashco is your personal loan source in Canada—Fast, easy, and online 24/7.

Personal Loans For New Canadians

Cashco Financial proudly works with new Canadians to help them ease into their new life and rebuild their credit scores in their new home. Whether they’re looking to buy a car, get a credit card or cell phone, or eventually buy a home, a good credit score will help to make these dreams a reality.

Personal Loans To Build Better Credit

Building up a bad credit rating after having credit problems in the past, having no credit history, a discharged bankruptcy, being a student, or having difficulty obtaining credit cards can be one of the most limiting factors in a person improving their life. Cashco Financial reports all payments directly to the credit bureau in Canada, improving your credit score with each on-time installment payment.

Applying for a personal loan

Cashco’s application process for a personal loan is fast, easy, and conveniently available online. Please speak to one of our live agents, toll-free at 1.855.914.7940 who can walk you through your application and help you build the best personal loan.

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