Get Ahead Of Summer Expenses With Flex Loans

Summer is short. Between vacations, summer repairs at home and, if you have one, at the cottage, bills accumulate quickly. And then, there’s back to school and the need for school supplies, clothes and, perhaps, sporting equipment.

There are two ways to handle this. You can wait until the end of summer and rack up the expenses along the way, or you might consider being proactive and covering your expenses in advance. It can certainly reduce the stress.

A small loan might be a timely thing. One of the reasons Cashco Financial offers smaller loans is that they are easier to manage. That’s why they’re called Flex Loans. A $5,000 loan, which you can apply for online, will cover most of the things that eat up your money during the summer. Often, we forget how much money is drained during the short summer season and when late August rolls around, we are hit again with everything the children need going back to school.

Maybe you won’t need $5,000. You can borrow any amount up to that threshold and take up to 36 months to pay. You can also consolidate smaller debts and ease your cash flow burden.

[Vacations and back to school stack up the expenses.]

Most Canadians spend about $2,000 per vacation trip. If you’ve been promising your family a memorable summer vacation for the last few summers, but couldn’t quite afford to make it happen, then a short instalment loan might be a reasonable solution. It’s easy to apply for and you can do it online.

Another thing to consider is that back to school supplies are usually featured at lower prices when stores roll out their inventory in early August. On average, Canadians spend a little over $100 on school supplies. If technology is involved, like a new laptop, that amount quickly escalates. Between USB drivers, cables, and everything else, it doesn’t take much to generate a big bill.

However, this doesn’t include the costs for new clothing. Children grow over the summer, so a new wardrobe is inevitable. Often, the bigger expenses come from sporting supplies. It’s not easy finding a good pair of running shoes under $100.

[On average, Canadians spend $100 per child on school supplies.]

Another benefit of a small Flex Loan is that it gives you the opportunity to enroll your children in special programs that you might otherwise not consider. Perhaps your children have been whining about taking up dance, gymnastics or soccer. The costs associated with these pursuits are not excessive like hockey. You might even consider enrolling in something yourself like yoga classes, arts and crafts workshops, or a school course you’ve always wanted to take.

As I said, summer goes by quickly and money flies out the door just as quickly. Rather than struggle to keep up, think about getting ahead of the wave with a small loan. A little extra can go a long way.