Most Canadians are not fortunate enough to have a stash of money for their rescue in times of a financial crisis. There are several unexpected expenses, associated with unforeseen emergencies such as household repairs, which have the capacity to leave us broke and struggling with our everyday expenses. Under such circumstances, an individual can request for an advance or an online installment loan that provides him with the much needed financial aid, in times of distress. Such online installment loans or flexi pay loans provide quick access to cash, to people who cannot afford to repay the amount all in one go.

An installment loan is an advance that has the provision of being repaid over a specific period of time via a fixed number of scheduled payments. Such a loan requires a minimum of at least two payment installments that need to be repaid within a specific [period of time. The tenure of the loan may span from a few months to up to thirty years.

An installment loan is usually similar to conventional consumer loans such as a mortgage. More often than not, these types of loans are granted and serviced locally, and require the customer to repay back the principal along with the accrued interest, by means of regular payment installments. The frequency and schedule of the repayment installments are fixed prior to the disbursement of the loan.

In addition to providing the convenience of part payment, online flexi installment loans provide a more secure and safer alternative to the regular payday or title loans. Read on for a few of the several benefits that a flexi installment loan has, over the traditional payday loans.

Online Flex Loans Offer the Provision of More Manageable Payments

One of the most significant advantages of a flexi loan is the fact that an individual is expected to makes smaller and more manageable repayments in lieu of the loan. Instead of having to repay a huge sum and an additional fee to the lender, which is due for payment by your next pay date, you have the facility of making smaller and more affordable payments at scheduled intervals. A longer tenure of payment makes your advance repayment much more convenient and manageable. Paying back a relatively smaller amount at fixed intervals allows you to continue the repayment, and simultaneously manage your daily expenses and monthly bills as well.

Flex Pay Loans Provide You Extensive Repayment Flexibility

Your regular payday loans demand full repayment, which is due by your next pay date, without offering any exceptions. The issue of having to make financial arrangements within this short span, to make the repayment on the due date, causes additional strain to an individual. On the flipside, online flexi loans offer you a variety of repayment options with different levels of flexibility, as per your requirement and convenience. Some of the lenders offer their customers the provision of making partial repayments in lieu of the advance, or even repaying the entire amount as an early-repayment-in-full, without charging their customers any penalty or extra fees. The various levels of flexibility offered to an individual, help him plan out his expenses as per his monetary condition.

Flex Loans Provide You Access to Large Amounts of Cash at the Click of a Button

The ease and speed of applying, and getting access to the required advance, offers an added advantage to the one in need. Why waste your precious time running across the lender’s office, when you can get the loan from the convenience of your home! All you need to do is, open your laptop and visit the lender’s website wherein you can simply fill up the loan application form and receive the money within 24 hours. The quick and convenient access to the loan helps you instantly deal with your financial requirements, and make a gradual and more budget friendly repayment over time.

What are Cashco Flex Loans and How Do They Work

Cashco Financial offers you our exclusive Cashco flex loans that can come to your rescue when you are in a financial crisis. There are several instances in an individual’s lifetime that command immediate financial attention, and most of the people are not really equipped with the large amounts of money required to deal with them. There might be a time when you finally zeroed in on that property you always wanted, and needed to pay first and last month’s rent immediately. Or, you unexpectedly encountered a car breakdown, and wished you had some extra money stashed away for meeting unforeseen expenses such as this. Whatever the need of the hour maybe, the bottom line is that you require a lot of money quickly.

There might be certain credit-rating issues, which are restraining the bank from lending you an advance. Similarly, there are several other lender companies that might not provide you the flexibility that Cashco might offer you.

Cashco flex loans provide you a lot of flexibility with regards to both the application as well as the repayment process. The best part about Cashco flex loans is that they provide easy cash loans, which are personalized in accordance with your specific needs and requirements.

In addition to offering timely financial help to its customers, the Cashco flex loans also help in mending their bad credit rating. With the flexibility of paying varying installments as per your monetary health, you can considerably improve your credit rating, which might also lead to a reduction in the interest rate applicable.

Our Cashco Financial website carries comprehensive information regarding Cashco flex loans that we provide. It also helps our clients research or reach out to us for the clarification of any doubts that might arise. You can also apply for a flex loan online, and get the cash advance shortly after.

Apart from the virtual point of contact, Cashco Financial also has 70 branches across Canada for the benefit of anyone who wants to come do business with us in person.