Weddings. They are supposed to be a joyous time of your life when you should be dreaming of wedding bells, but the sad reality is that most couples can only focus on the wedding bills, and with the average Canadian wedding coming in at a whopping $31, 110 that’s a lot of dollar bills. We have talked about ways to get your wedding budget under control and throw a great wedding under 5k, but what’s a bridge to do when you really do want to go all out and fulfill your vision of a pinterest perfect day? It’s hard to save enough to cover the entire bill when then this one occasion may very well end up costing more than your college education. We have all read the articles on ways to make some extra cash suggesting ideas such as, ‘moonlight, walk dogs, clean houses etc’. I’m going to share with you some less traditional ways of coming up with extra money for your wedding so that you won’t find yourself ‘newlywed and in the red’.

Use Your Talents To Rake in Some Cash

You have spent  so much time and energy planning and executing your decor to get it just right, why not capitalize on that. Did you put together an amazing centre piece that you know everyone will envy? Are you a super savvy decorator and have planned out a rockin’ overall look for the event. Why not cash in on your talents and sell your ideas to others? Often time weddings are filled with endless details and tight deadlines, subsequently, there are tons  of brides and grooms out there that don’t have the time or in some cases the sheer desire to focus on getting everything just right. Find a forum in your city such as Craiglist or local buy and sell pages where you can connect with other engaged couples and advertise your services for next to nothing.

Open a Wedding Account

Open up a separate saving account and have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited. How much you choose to put it is entirely up to you, and dependent on your saving goals, and you won’t miss it as much if you don’t see it! The goal is to start early and be consistent. By making smaller but more frequent deposits you won’t feel sting of sacrificing luxuries all at once. This will allow you to save up for your down payment to lock in your desired vendors, and if you are willing to be patient and book your wedding date two years out, this will give you both time to save to pay the balance in full but also lock in the current rate and avoid paying inflation on the vendors rates.

Have a Sponsored Wedding

This concept has really been catching on over the last couple years. At first thought you may feel as tough you are “selling out” your wedding, however, if you are willing to have an open mind, you could wind up cashing in big time. The concept is simple, you simply allow the vendors to display their logo along with the items they have provided, in exchange for deeply discounted or even free goods or services. The choice is ultimately yours, you can choose to turn your big day into one giant marketing event, or if you are hesitant about the entire idea, only have one or two vendors. Whatever choice you make, every little bit helps.

At the end of the day weddings are an expense affair, and often end up costing a pretty penny more than we ever imagined. While you have scrimped and saved hoping that it would be enough, surveys show approx 30% of people fund their weddings through credit cards and loans. If you find yourself needing a little extra help, let Cashco Financial be your choice.  Our friendly associates would be happy to talk to you about our Flex Loans, where you could be approved for as much as $5,000 with 36 months to repay, giving you’re a little extra financial breathing room as you settle into marital bliss.