Have you ever been scared in your life due to some seemingly daunting situation? I have been there on more than a few occasions. We all have different methods to deal with what life throws at us. By perfecting our method, we can ensure success, happiness, and goal fulfilment.

The 6 Ways of My Approach (My Personal Rules for Success):

  • Break Your Pattern and Live With Passion

Every single moment, every minute of your life, it helps to break your pattern and step out of your comfort zone. Breaking the pattern gives us the ability to move forward and continue to learn and grow.

Unhappy people would say: “I am not happy, my life is miserable.” But what did they do to change it? It is entirely up to each one of us to control our own destiny. It is up to you to change your path and to choose to be happy. Start being in control of your happiness.

  • Cancel, Cancel, Cancel – Stop Negative Thoughts in their Tracks

This I call the Shipper – Receiver Rule. The more negative things you say, the more negative you will become which will lead to more negative things coming into your life. It’s just like the universe. By saying more positive things, the more positive you will become. One of the most important things is to learn how to manage whatever comes into your life.

 Rules to Success

  • Quick Release – Let it go Quickly

Life is unpredictable and that’s the beauty of it. As things come into our lives, the ability to learn how to keep them or let them go is an art. It takes time to learn, but along the way as we adopt the “quick release” method into our lives, everything will become easier and happier.

  • Believe in Your Own Value and Don’t Ever Compromise on it!

Always stand for your values and believe in what you do. It might take time until you achieve your goal, but results will come when you least expected them. The famous expression “fake it til you make it” is a great mantra to have. As long as you know what you are doing is awesome, others will eventually realise it too.

  • Giving Back

Give without expecting anything in return. Do what it takes to own your greatness and never ever stop because of failure. We are all humans and it is normal to encounter failure. The key is to learn from each failure and not let it happen again. Always remember to give what you have learned back in order to help other people. Sometimes just your hand to leading through a tough time is all a person needs. Giving back is an important part in the process of growing as a person and growing as a business. However, never expect anything in return. Just do it because you love it, and because you want to spread the love. Many times people ask successful people: “what did you do?”, or “how did you do it”? But they never ask “what did you do to help others?”, “what solution have you provided to your community to serve them better?”

  • Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

I am huge believer in energy. With energy, I believe we can shift our minds, improve our health and own our greatness. This allows us to be happier and have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Life is too short to be scared of anything. Live your life by breaking your in pattern every single moment. More importantly, at the end of the day you should ask yourself: “what did I do today to make a positive impact on someone else’s life?” In this journey, don’t ever forget about yourself because you won’t be able to help and influence others if you don’t help yourself first.

Share with us what you did today to help others? What did you do today to serve your community better? We would love hear your value story and share it on our Cashco website.

Break your Patterns. Live with Passion.