Do you ever tell yourself things like “I can afford that, no problem!” or “What’s an extra hundred dollars a month?” or “Joe just got a new car… I deserve one more.”

Those statements right there are what we call a money script. Changing your money script is big part of achieving perspective with your personal finances.

What IS a Money Script?

Your money script is how you talk to yourself (c’mon we all do it!) about money, as well as any beliefs—conscious or unconscious—we have about money. So really, we can say that our money script is our perspective on things like our income, debt, financial behaviours, and so on.

Robert Brown’s book, Wealthing like Rabbits, speaks to the problematic perspectives we have about mortgages. We’re often willing to spend thousands upon thousands more that we need to on our home.


Our money scripts can convince us that another $50,000 is “worth it” because of the custom kitchen or the attached garage. We tell ourselves that we “have time to pay it off,” even though we know we’ll be bumped to a monthly mortgage payment we can barely afford for a long-ass time.

Now, money scripts aren’t always a bad thing! They can also help us to make smart and healthy financial choices. Let’s talk about the different types of money scripts.

Types of Money Scripts

Okay, before we dive in, it’s important we tell you about this doctor. Dr. Brad Klontz is the person who coined the term “money script,” and we’re pretty sure he’s a genius.

He tells us that there are four types of money scripts. Time to learn!

  1. Money Worship: Beliefs that money is the key to happiness.
  2. Money Vigilance: Concerned about money and always having enough.
  3. Money Status: Linking self-worth with your net worth.
  4. Money Avoidance: Viewing money as a bad thing and avoiding it at all costs.

Do any of the things we’re saying here strike a chord? We all have money scripts. If we’re not careful, the things we tell ourselves can quickly become detrimental to our finances.

Try catching yourself when you’re using a money script that isn’t in your best interest (get it? interest?) and start rewriting it into a script that is!

What is YOUR Money Script

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