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Chequing Account Fees Go Up and Down

Why do fees always go up when things go down?

When you get an unexpected bill or bounce a cheque, it can feel like things are falling apart. But instead of understanding your situation, banks often punish you with high fees, making a bad situation even worse.

The Chequing Account Fees Question Mark.

Being gouged with high fees feels like being kicked when you’re down

Being short on cash is stressful. All you want to do is pay your bills on time and put food on the table, but you can’t do that when you’re being hit with fees you can’t afford to pay. In these moments, you say to yourself, “this is why I hate banks…”

Thumbs up to a good chequing account.

Get an account that doesn’t hurt

You shouldn’t be punished for things that aren’t always in your control. At Cashco, we understand this better than anyone, which is why we designed the Everyday Use Account to help you, not hurt you, when the unexpected happens.

“Great bank to start with.

Always great customer service and haven’t had a problem yet! Actually left my bank that I was with for 4 years just to get one … More than happy with this service.”

-Jesse W., Alberta, Canada

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The Everyday Use Account is right for you if…

  • You often have a low balance in your account
  • You’ve bounced a cheque in the last 6 months
  • You’re tired of paying high fees when any of the above happens

With the Everyday Use Account, you also get…

  • Unlimited deposits for free
  • Access to the ATB online banking portal
  • Personal service and access to the banking concierge service
  • Access to the ATB network (including ATB branches and ATMs for free)
  • $1 E-mail money transfer (EMT)
  • No application fee

Have questions? We’ve got answers

Is this a real bank account?
Yes! Cashco is empowered by ATB meaning it’s built in partnership with ATB – you get all the security and financial stability you would expect from a traditional bank. The difference is this bank account is designed with features for real people who can’t always access or best served by a traditional bank.

How is Cashco different from a traditional bank?
Everyone qualifies for a Cashco account – no hoops to jump through. It’s real banking for real, everyday people. It’s meaningful banking for hard-working Albertans that might not be able to bank at traditional banks.

What do I need to open an account?
Easy. All you need is two pieces of Government Issued ID and your Social Insurance Number. Cashco doesn’t need your SIN card, just the number.

Can I still qualify for an account if I have been turned down before for a Flex Loan or Payday Loan?
YES! You can qualify even if you have been turned down for a loan before. And there’s a reason we want to qualify you. Cashco wants to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a healthy financial life and an account is a solid way to start the process. The mandate is to deliver accessible real world banking to everyone.

Over 6,000+ Albertans use Cashco for their everyday banking needs

“Best switch I ever made. No bank has helped me this much. As a new mom with no family, Cashco has my
back and offers low fees.”
-Michelle B., Facebook review

“Cashco is great!!! It’s fast, easy, and cheap, plus they helped save my Christmas this year!! Thank you Cashco.”
-Michelle M., Facebook review

“I recently came into come financial troubles and was worrying about my next payment. When I called they were extremely sympathetic to my situation and did  all they could to help me out.”
-Jessica L., Facebook review


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