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We designed our accounts to make sense for all Albertans.
Welcome to the real world banking!
Open an account at any of our Alberta branches with two pieces of government ID and your SIN number
(you just need your number, not your card).

Everyday Use Chequing Account

The more transactions you make, the more you save. Take that, irony.

Monthly Fee

FREE with direct deposit or two monthly direct debits. Otherwise it’s $9.95.

Get 25¢ every time you use your account up to $5/month. For real.


  • $25 automatic overdraft for everyone, and you can increase it up to $500 with a direct deposit
  • Unlimited transactions
  • $1 Interac e-transfers®

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Savings Account

An account that works as hard as you do.

mom's world

Monthly Fee


Get a $10 jump-start when you sign up.


  • 1 free withdrawal per month then they’re $1 each
  • Unlimited deposits per month
  • $1 Interac e-transfers®

Start saving

The Mom Account

Just what moms need: an account that appreciates.

Monthly Fee

FREE for moms

Get a $10 jump-start when you start. Plus, get $10 every month in a matched savings account up to $120/year.


  • Unlimited deposits every month
  • Did we mention we match your savings up to $120/year?

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Other Account Fees

Non-ATB ABM: $1.50
ABM Cirrus International: $5
Chargeback: $45

Certified Cheque
Issuer: $10
Payee: $15
Cheque processed in USD: $15
MICR encoded cheque: $5
Bank draft CAD: $7.50
Bank draft USD: $7.50
Bank draft in other foreign/multiple currency: $7.50
Electronic fund transfer return: $45
e-Transfer cancelation: $3
Insufficient funds/NSF: $45

Stop Payments
Cheques (full details): $12
Cheques (partial details): $20
EFT (full or partial details): $20

Real Banking FAQ

What is Real World Banking?

We believe that meaningful access to essential banking services is a right for everyone regardless of employment or financial history. In the real world, some of us are restricted from banking services because of something that happened in the past. Cashco wanted to provide a new service that would work for people when they needed help most. We know that traditional banks are risk-adverse and unable to provide the kind of programs that Cashco knows our clients need. That’s real world banking.

Where can I open a Cashco account?

You can open an Everyday Use, Savings or Mom Matched Savings Account at any of our Alberta Branches.

Can I still get a Cashco account if I have been turned down for a flex loan or payday loan in the past?

Yes, absolutely! There’s no catch.

What do I need to open a Cashco account?

All you need are two pieces of government issued ID and your SIN (not your card, just the number).

Why should I directly deposit my paycheque into my Cashco Everyday Use Account?

Because it will save you $9.95 every month.

Plus, setting up a direct deposit to your Cashco account qualifies you to increase your $25 overdraft to up to $500.

How do I set up a direct deposit?

Simply give your Cashco account number to your HR department and ask them to deposit your paycheques into that account going forward.

Or you can go into a branch and we’ll help you do it all.

What is overdraft?

With overdraft, you can make purchases or have automatic payments go through your account even if you don’t have enough money in your account to cover them. You can opt to use your overdraft whenever you like.

Are these Cashco bank accounts available to anyone in Canada?

Currently, Cashco bank accounts is only able to offer our best in class accounts to residents of Alberta. However, we are planning to expand our offering to other provinces very soon.

What does full/partial details mean for stop payments?

Full details mean the client can provide the exact name of the payee and the exact amount of the withdrawal.

Partial details mean the client cannot provide the full name of the payee or the exact amount that was withdrawn.

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